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TSM delivers the finest species and kinds of wood products for personal and business use. We are dedicated to offering the widest range of high-quality timber for construction, building, carpentry, and other applications. If you are looking for trusted wood and timber suppliers Malaysia builders know, partner with TSM today!

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Reputable Balsa Wood Supplier in Malaysia

Sculptures and wood hobbyists are quite fond of balsa wood due to its light-weight quality. Considered in the category of softwood, it is easy to reshape and manipulate. But this kind of wood is tricky and you should deal with credible balsa wood supplier Malaysia artists trusts.

TSM is a well-known timber supplier in Malaysia that supplies high-quality wood products in areas of Klang, KL, and Selangor. The core of our business is to provide the finest building materials to our clients so they can create stunning spaces and works of art. If you are asking, “Where to buy balsa wood in KL?” you can contact us anytime!

Outstanding Balsa Wood Supplier in Malaysia

We understand that when it comes to building and art materials, clients are very discerning of their choice of timbers. TSM ensures that what we offer is of high-quality and passed the standards of governing agencies and esteemed organizations like the Malaysian Standard Code of Practice for Structural Use of Timber.

Each timber is checked and classified in accordance with their material strength and integrity, as well as their usage. With this system, it would easier to recommend the best wood product based on the requirement of the client.

Credible Timber Supplier in KL & Selangor

Being recognized as a top timber supplier in KL and Selangor, we are committed to delivering the best product and service to our clients. Our inventory of wood products and timbers are sure to meet your project requirements. Whether you are looking for a balsa wood, a teak, tualang, or yellow meranti wood, we have the right timber product for you.

Of course, we also guarantee that all wood products you ordered are delivered on time and to your exact order number and specifications.

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