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TSM delivers the finest species and kinds of wood products for personal and business use. We are dedicated to offering the widest range of high-quality timber for construction, building, carpentry, and other applications. If you are looking for trusted wood and timber suppliers Malaysia builders know, partner with TSM today!

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Excellent Resak Wood Suppliers in Malaysia

Resak wood is one of the timber species that are used for heavy construction work. It can be used for building bridges, power transmission poles, and even in marina construction as it is known for its high-density quality. If your business dabbles in construction, getting the best resak wood suppliers Malaysia contractors trust as your partner would be beneficial for your business.

TSM is a top timber supplier that offers a broad range of high-quality timbers in areas of Klang, KL, and Selangor. The core of our business is to provide the finest quality of wood products that would enhance your business or make your business a success. If you are on the look for a chengal wood furniture material or any other timber, we have the best selection for you.

Superior Resak Wood Supplier in Malaysia

Your choices of timber can great help with your project. TSM ensures that you have the best options when it comes to wood products. We take our business to the next level by offering different species of lumbers and polish them to outstanding timber products and offer them at timber price range that you can afford.

Our inventory is stocked with various kinds of timbers sourced locally and overseas. These include resak, chipboard, kapur, kedondong, kekatong, kelat, and more. Whatever your timber needs are, we are the best company to fulfill them.

Best Timber Supplier in Klang, KL, & Selangor

Here at TSM, we value the trust that our clients give to us when they decide to partner with our company. Right from the start, our team of timber experts will provide you with the necessary assistance in choosing the best timber products that would fulfill your needs.

And we will also ensure that your orders are processed, prepared, and delivered accordingly. We will go the extra mile to determine your wood product needs and transport them to your field or worksite within the timeframe that is agreed upon.

Superior timbers and wood products from TSM

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