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TSM delivers the finest species and kinds of wood products for personal and business use. We are dedicated to offering the widest range of high-quality timber for construction, building, carpentry, and other applications. If you are looking for trusted wood and timber suppliers Malaysia builders know, partner with TSM today!

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Exceptional Chengal Wood Supplier in Malaysia

When it comes to decking and outdoor installations, chengal wood is a top choice amongst contractors and interior designers. Due to its durable and pest-resistant qualities, it can be the perfect material for your balcony and outdoor space. But getting a mature timber is essential and only the best chengal wood supplier Malaysia contractors trust can offer you that.

TSM is a leading timber supplier in Klang, Kuala Lumpur, and Selangor that offers an impressive line of wood products to clients and contractors. Our mission is to supply our clients with the best quality of building materials for their projects.

Your Trusted Chengal Wood Supplier in Malaysia

Choosing the right wood product is essential for your projects. Specialists at TSM can provide you the right timber products for your needs. Our staff is knowledgeable about all kinds of lumbers, their qualities, and supposed usage. Their sound insights can help clients to decide on the best timber that would match their project requirements.

Our team will also ensure that we give you the appropriate materials that you need to fulfill your orders and projects. Rest assured that we will not recommend timbers that can compromise the quality of your project but also affect your working budget. We offer wood products at price points that you can afford.

Dependable Timber Supplier in Klang, KL, & Selangor

Every project is different and so is their material requirement. Our inventory carries a wide range of timbers that are classified based on strength and usage. You can choose the best wood material fit for your project and also find the best alternatives.

The timber products we offer include chengal wood, balsa, resak, nyatoh, MDF, sawn timber, and more. Check out our Products Page to see what kinds of wood and timbers we offer.

Make the most out of your outdoor with the right materials!

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