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TSM delivers the finest species and kinds of wood products for personal and business use. We are dedicated to offering the widest range of high-quality timber for construction, building, carpentry, and other applications. If you are looking for trusted wood and timber suppliers Malaysia builders know, partner with TSM today!

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Reputable Tualang Wood Suppliers in Malaysia

Tualang wood is said to be hard to work on, but it is ideal for flooring and furniture use. Although it has no natural resistance to pests, it can be durable when treated right. If you are in the furniture business and wants to have options in terms of materials use, turning to trusted tualang wood suppliers Malaysia contractors trust is a must.

TSM is a premier wood supplier in Malaysia that offers premium-quality timber products for building and carpentry use. Our mission is to provide our clients with excellent choices of wood products to level up their craft and their business.

Exemplary Tualang Wood Supplier in Malaysia

Running a furniture shop means that you need to have a constant supply of timber that you can use for your business. TSM can guarantee contractors access to the highest quality of timber species that they can utilize for their craft. We have the best selection of timbers that are sourced locally and overseas.

Our warehouse inventory carries the best samples of wood species, including tualang, mengkulang, meranti, merbau, nyatoh, pine wood, rubber wood, and more. If you are looking for rare timber specie, feel free to ask our specialists.

Foremost Timber Supplier in Klang, KL, & Selangor

As a top timber supplier in Selangor, Klang, and Kuala Lumpur, we always strive to deliver the best customer service to satisfy the needs of our clients. From the moment you connect with us, we will do our best to offer you timber options that would fit your project specifications and budget.

And we don’t stop there. We see to it that all orders are fulfilled on given schedules and with accuracy and promptness. Every product is checked and inspected to see if there are products that should be replaced before delivery.

Prime wood products at reasonable costs

Connect with our team today and let us help you choose the best timber products for your business. Give us a call at #Pls Submit Form and send us your questions and inquiries through email: info@timbersuppliermalaysia.com.

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